Christopher Jacob Missouri

President of Cadeau and Co-Founder of NextPoint Solutions

“As a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP), I founded Cadeau with the goal of helping high wealth individuals and families with their unique financial needs. Over my 34 year career, I have served 500 individual and corporate clients nationwide regarding the accumulation, protection, and preservation of their intellectual and financial capital. Through this counsel and assistance, we have helped clients with estate and income taxes. “

Christopher Jacob recognizes that money is one of the most stressful issues life places in front of us. Whether we have a small fortune or a great one, finances are always a concern. For some, concern centers on growing what you have, whereas others worry about how they can protect what they’ve built.

For over 30 years, Christopher Jacob has counseled families regarding those exact concerns: the accumulation, protection and preservation of their intellectual and financial capital. He has been a leader in charitable planning for high wealth individuals and families for over two decades. His counsel and assistance has saved his clients millions in estate and income taxes.

Christopher Jacob, CFP® is the president and founder of Cadeau and a registered representative for Saxony Securities, Inc. (SSI). As a nationally known financial educator and speaker, Christopher was featured in the Senior Market Advisor and has been referred to as The Estate Protector in the trade press. The nickname is fitting, considering that if you were to ask Christopher his purpose, his answer would be, “I exist to serve others by cultivating security.”

This purpose has become the cornerstone of Cadeau, as well as the foundation that drives Christopher’s relationships with clients. He and his team believe that the best opportunity to grow wealth for their clients centers on protecting what they have by avoiding losses, rather than picking investment winners or taking large risks. By analyzing client finances and identifying the ways they are losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily, Christopher is able to seal the loose ends and bring money back to them.

Another cornerstone of Christopher’s philosophy is the importance of financial literacy. Finances are a complex issue, and many people feel lost when facing their financial picture. Christopher Jacob’s favorite aspect of being a financial planner is the ability to put that picture into perspective and simplify clients’ visions so they can sit back and enjoy their wealth. Any time he can, Christopher takes his knowledge to the road. To date, he has conducted over 200 presentations across the country on topics including Zero Estate Tax Planning, Family Wealth Preservation, and Tax Smart Retirement Planning. Christopher works closely with a large number of CPAs, attorneys, financial professionals, and charitable advisors.

He employs a sophisticated array of retirement and estate planning strategies for high net worth clients and advisors for preserving, protecting, and perpetuating family wealth. He is a past president of the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy and has spoken at Top of the Table twice in the last four years, most recently at the 2016 meeting in Quebec.

Christopher Jacob is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, and spends much of his free time with his wife of 34 years, Geralyn, their three children, and three grandchildren. To say that he loves to fish is an understatement; he has taken it to an international level.

Christopher Jacob is a Registered Representative with Saxony Securities, Inc.. Securities offered through Saxony Securities Inc. (SSI). Member FINRA, SIPC. Non-security products and services or tax services are not offered through SSI. Cadeau is not affiliated with SSI.

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